Our Privacy Policy

We process your personal data. The least we can do is to design for privacy and be super transparent about it.

A. General information
ProductSchoolyear Exams
Headquarters & jurisdictionOudenoord 502, 3513 EX Utrecht, The Neterlands
Target groupEducational institutes
Types of usersStudents, Teachers, IT coordinators

B. Description of data-processing services

Some of the data processing we do is optional and can be turned on and off by teachers. Below we describe the data we process categorized by the setting that activates the data processing.

  1. Base product (can not be turned off).
    • Student ID.
    • Unique IDs of teachers.
    • First and last names of teachers and students.
    • Email address of teachers.
    • Platform and device dependent variables of users.
  2. Proctoring log.
    • Timestamps of the start and end times of students in an exam.
    • Navigation and software execution in the secure exam environment.
    Note that we only process the proctoring log during an exam. We really couldn't care less what you do in your private time.

C. Purpose of processing
We provide educational institutes a method to safely perform digital examinations, by:
  • Creating a secure, digital and uniform examination environment
  • and preventing and detecting fraud in that environment
D. Region of storage and processing
Region/CountryType of processingNote
Ireland (3 sub-zones)Storage and automated processingThis is our main server location
Frankfurt & Paris (both 3 sub-zones)Storage and automated processingBack-up locations in case we encounter a critical error at our main location
NetherlandsManual and pseudo-automatic processing and temporary intermediate storageSome customer support operations require manual processing
E. Sub processors
Amazon Web Services Ireland LimitedOne Burlington Plaza, Burlington Road, Dublin 4Cloud provider for processing and storage
Last changed: June 13th, 2020