How it works

It doesn’t matter if you are a single high school teacher, a faculty coordinator or the exam board, Schoolyear makes assessments on private laptops easy and secure.

Get ready in 3 simple steps

Pick a timeslot, add your exam or quiz, and we provide a shareable link.

Sign up as teacher and create an exam in seconds

Start now by signing up and create your first exam. Schoolyear exam environment is easy to configure and rules out cheating on private laptops.

Insert the link of your online asessment

We support both formative and summative assessments in any format as long as it can be opened via the browser. Next, allow any specific webpages or other online documents to be used during the exam.

Share the generated link with your students

Schoolyear creates a unique link to share with your students. In three simple steps they enter the secure exam environment where all other applications and resources are disabled.

Feature overview

Start simple and prevent cheating on private laptops, upgrade your plan to access advanced features.

Teacher Features

Set up the secure exam browser in seconds
Use any online e-assessment tool
Allow additional resources like webpages and online documents (add-on)
Flexible and scalable for up to 500 students
Fully GDPR compliant
Transparent and flexible pricing

Secure Exam Features

Easy set up for students, ready in 30 seconds
Display your digital exam full-screen
Disable all other application, resources and documents
Compatible with Windows and Mac Operating systems
Track student’s progress during the assessment
Prevent exit before student submits for grading

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any question beyond the information provided here? Feel free to contact us.

Schoolyear supports any online document, quiz or assessment tool. As long as it can be reached via the browser.
Organizing secure exams with Schoolyear does not require any personal information. For official summative exams your course instructors may require students to fill in student numbers.
Teachers can set a timeslot when students can start their exam.
Students can only exit the environment when they submitted their test.
You don’t need any training to use the secure exam environment. Just follow three simple steps and start your first exam.

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