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Securely taking a test on your computer without being monitored.

Privacy by design

Schoolyear uses privacy-by-design to limit the processing of personal information. Schoolyear fully complies with GDPR standards in the EU.

No monitoring

Schoolyear secures your exam by blocking the access of any other applications. Schoolyear will not make any screen, audio or webcam recordings.

Software security

Our software is built with industry-accepted best practices and frameworks to secure your data.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any question beyond the information provided here? Feel free to contact us.

Schoolyear Exams is a software application that allows students to take online assessments securely on their own device. Schoolyear Exams is a secure exam environment, the actual content of the exam itself will be provided by an assessment platform.
Schoolyear Exams prevents access to other applications, documents or websites during the exam. When running Schoolyear, the application is executed full-screen and all other running applications and documents will be closed.
No, Schoolyear Exams is not Device Manager software, which means that no one can remotely control your laptop, not even during the exam. Once Schoolyear Exams is running, it temporarily prevents you to use any other applications or documents. You can always decide to close or even remove the software from your computer.
We keep the processing of your personal information to a minimum. When you take a test with Schoolyear Exams, the following personal data is processed:
  • First and last name
  • Student ID
  • Data required for fraud detection during an exam within Schoolyear.
We process your personal data exclusively for the following purposes:
  1. Identification: To verify whether the name and student ID number matches your ID card.
  2. Fraud control and compliance: Schoolyear will check whether you have complied with the applicable regulations as described in the guidelines of your educational institution while taking the test.
  3. Time status control: Schoolyear checks whether you have completed the test within the predefined time frame.
The personal data processed during the exam will only be accessible by persons who have a designated role in administering the exam and are only allowed to access this information when necessary.
No, all personal data processed by Schoolyear remains within the European Union.

Step 1: Open the link

Enter the code provided by your teacher in any browser and follow the steps to enter the exam environment. Make sure you have sufficient time to execute these steps.

Step 2: Save your work

Schoolyear will automatically close all other running programs on your computer, don’t forget to save your work before starting the exam environment. Make sure you have a stable internet connection during the test and that your battery is sufficiently charged.

Step 3: Take your exam

Click start and Schoolyear will open the secure exam environment. Do not exit the exam before submitting your work. Good luck!